Tokio 2014

A quick visit to tokyo. Met old friends and some new friends as well.

A perfect city to get lost in.

Blacksheep shoots

A collection of random shots by our friend Blacksheepmanila.

When our friend Ben spends time with our pieces he shoots a few extras using his environment.

An ongoing experiment with textures and things that interest and complement our pieces.

All shots by Ben and Maui

 of blacksheepmanila

Sabre tooth

This project has taken longer than normal.

4 prototypes to get her right and a few  months of sculpting and resculpting.

A custom sabretooth for mr. X complete with lower jaw in full attack.

photos by Blacksheep Manila. 



In Brass filigree. shot by 

Sinister By Jason Montinola

A skull inspired by a painting by Jason Montinola .

A master painter of the surreal and the macabre.

Mix it up with rock 'n roll and such.

Based on his painting sinister.

photos by the boys of blacksheep

Photos of the paintings from


A special pair of rings for our friends Patrick And Camille.

Inspired by Origami and calligraphy we took these design cues and infused the 

rings to reflect the passion of the two.

A quill and multi fold ring to start a journey.

Photography by  Jayson and Joanne